Tips and Tricks of playing Dream11

Written by January 01, 2022

Create a Dream Team

The squad should have wicketkeepers, hitters, and all-rounders, and the team should be worth 100 points.

Observe the Match

The players must continue to follow the match after forming a team. In order to play and win the Dream11, players and users who are watching the match are also important.

Have a winning attitude

When the players win, they have a positive mindset, which is not difficult to achieve. However, maintaining a positive mentality and enthusiasm even when the players lose can be challenging. 

Participate in selective matches

The players make the blunder of participating in every Dream11 and other fantasy cricket app match. That is something they should avoid. Players should not be greedy in order to make more money, as this is not the way to go. 

Before you start playing, do some research

Dream11 users and players should conduct sufficient study before participating in any fantasy sports. The research provides the groundwork for Dream11 success

Create a team of  All-Rounders

In cricket, all-rounders play a crucial role on the field, and they're just as important when putting together a Dream11 or fantasy cricket side.

Do not invest in a single match; instead, play a variety of matchups

All it needs to do is spend the money on a single match. While playing Dream11 and other Cricket fantasy applications, this is not a smart idea. Users and players must manage their funds carefully. 


Cricket is a high-risk sport. Even though he is out of form, the player is promoted. MS Dhoni, for example, propelled himself despite being out of form, and won India the 2011 World Cup for the first time in 28 years

Select Captain and Vice-Captain Wisely

Dream11 user choose the right captain, they can get two times the points, and if the vice-captain picks the appropriate vice-captain, they can earn 1.5 times the points

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