Free Fire Elite Pass : Released on 1 December 2021

Free Fire Elite Pass

Free Fire Elite Pass: The most significant aspect of Free Fire that gamers desire to purchase for their collections is cosmetics. These cosmetic items may be discovered in Elite Pass, and it’s a fantastic way to get them. Developers frequently offer an Elite Pass at the beginning of each month, which is valid until the end of the month. On December 1, 2021, the Elite Pass becomes available. The Elite Pass grants you access to a variety of premium gifts worth thousands of gems (in-game currency). However, to gain access to the benefits, users must spend merely 499 diamonds. To earn Badges and collect the benefits, users must complete daily and weekly missions in the Elite Pass.

Players have two options to buy Elite Pass:

Elite Pass : 499 Diamonds – Unlock the Elite Pass. Daily Gold limit by 100, and exclusive badge on the kill feed.
Elite Bundle : 999 Diamonds – All the privileges of the Elite Pass. Plus 50 badges and the respective rewards.

Free Fire Elite Pass December Rewards

  • 0 Badge – Grenade Poker Monarch
  • 10 Badges – Palace of Poker Avatar
  • 15 Badges – Poker’s Tyranny Jacket
  • 30 Badges – Navy Destiny Banner
  • 50 Badges – Jeweled Heart Bundle
  • 80 Badges – Poker Monarch Blade
  • 100 Badges – Beastly Warth Skyboard
  • 115 Badges – PLASMA Joker
  • 125 Badges – Puppet Poker
  • 115 Badges – PLASMA Joker
  • 125 Badges – Puppet Poker
  • 200 Badges – Poker Monarch Backpack skin
  • 225 Badges – Crowned Spades Bundle

Poker Monarch Grenade Skin is the first reward in Elite Pass Poker Monarch Grenade Skin. The grenade skin looks like a clown-faced downwards. Palace of Poker Avatar is the next reward and it’s a brand new avatar. Poker’s Tyranny Jacket is for females, and it is colorful, and it gets all color combinations in one jacket. Poker’s Tyranny T-shirt is for males, and the same color combinations seen in this T-Shirt.

The Navy Destiny Banner is a blue banner with four cards. The Plasma Joker Gun Skin comes in a variety of colour schemes based on the poker motif. The King’s look in poker cards inspired the Dummy Monarch Loot Box Skin. The Puppet Poker Avatar has a lot of orange in it. The Pocket Monarch Backpack looks like a grenade, but the theme is a joker’s face. A crown is visible in the centre of the Poker Monarch Parachute.

Free Fire Hack App

Hacked versions are usually downloaded to improve gaming during matches, but in this case, you can get heavenly powers as well as unlimited diamonds for free. This can give you an advantage over your opponents, so if you want to have a one-sided duel online with your friends or your arch-nemesis, this is the way to go. Downloading the hacked version gives you superpowers or a cheat code for the game, allowing you to use a variety of unique skills. The most popular feature of this game is the god mode hack, which grants you near-limitless health. You will never die if you get stuck since your health will automatically replenish to full. Thanks to the Unlimited Health cheat, you can play the game without dying.


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