Welcome back to Mumbai Indians feels like returning to where it all started: Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya

Reflecting on Hardik Pandya Mumbai’s journey from a young lad in Baroda to Mumbai, this city has been a guiding force in my growth, imparting valuable lessons of humility and resilience,” said Hardik Pandya

Star Sports, the official broadcaster of IPL 2024, has introduced its exclusive fan-focused initiative called ‘Star Nahi Far.’ Crafted to bridge the gap between cricket enthusiasts and their idols, this initiative assures fans a unique opportunity to connect intimately with their favorite IPL stars, creating priceless memories. The buzz around ‘Star Nahi Far’ soared with the imminent visit of Mumbai Indians’ Captain and Team India’s dynamic all-rounder, Hardik Pandya, in Mumbai. At this event, Hardik Pandya interacted with fans, providing insights into his cricketing journey and off-field pursuits, thereby creating enduring memories with his supporters.

Expressing gratitude for his cricketing journey, Hardik Pandya conveyed profound thanks to Mumbai, his cricketing home. “I’m truly grateful for the overwhelming love and support from fans. It’s a blessing beyond words,” he shared. “Returning to Mumbai Indians feels like revisiting where it all began. From my early days in Baroda to Mumbai, this city has been instrumental in my growth, instilling humility and resilience in me. The city’s love and teachings are priceless, molding me into the cricketer I am today. Mumbai continually challenges you to be better, and now, with the IPL, I have returned home after 2 years.”

Eager for the upcoming IPL season, Pandya appealed to fans for unwavering support. “I seek the same backing from our fans to propel us towards victory,” he urged. “Rest assured, I’ll ensure a thrilling season that every supporter will relish. It’s a journey we’ll all enjoy together.”

Reflecting on the transformative 2015 IPL season, Hardik reminisced, “Coming from Baroda, the 2015 IPL was a life-changing experience for me. Representing Mumbai Indians among seasoned players was a turning point. Playing alongside established players on such a significant platform alters your life. I was fortunate to contribute significantly in knockout games, bagging two ‘Man of the Match’ awards. It marked the start of an extraordinary journey, a chapter I’ll always cherish.”

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