India-Pakistan’s World Cup 2023 matchup is likely to be rescheduled.


India-Pakistan’s World Cup 2023 matchup is likely to be rescheduled.

Cricket enthusiasts may look forward to high-profile matches like India vs. Pakistan at the 2017 ICC World Cup, which will be contested in India. Security organizations are worried about an unanticipated conflict with Gujarat’s traditional Navratri festival. The BCCI must now balance the fervor of cricket fans with the logistical difficulties created by this big festival because the game is scheduled for the first day of Navratri at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The BCCI is in a difficult situation as a result of the ICC’s choice to schedule the India vs. Pakistan game on the first day of Navratri. The nine-day holiday of Navratri is fervently observed, especially in Gujarat, where garba nights draw sizable crowds. Security organisations have encouraged the BCCI to think about delaying the match given the likelihood of widespread attendance at these events. Their main issue is the potential strain on security personnel caused by coordinating a major cricket match with Navratri celebrations at the same time.

“A decision will be made soon. We are considering our possibilities. A high-profile match between India and Pakistan, for which thousands of fans are scheduled to travel to Ahmedabad, has been advised against by the security services because of the stress of Navratri, a top BCCI official informed The Indian Express.

Cricket fans who have already made travel arrangements and bought tickets may find it impossible to change the match date without major disruptions in their travel schedules. It is common for India vs. Pakistan matches to sell out in a matter of hours, drawing thousands of visiting fans from both countries. Additionally, during these eagerly awaited events, broadcasters experience record-breaking TRPs. Any changes to the timetable could result in widespread cancellations and disorganized rebookings of travel and lodging.

According to reports from Ahmedabad, all homestay choices have been used up and most hotels are already overbooked for mid-October. The possibility of moving the India-Pakistan game might lead to an increase in airfares, making it difficult for supporters to organize their travel. With a nearly 1 lakh-seat capacity, the Narendra Modi Stadium makes it more difficult to accommodate the surge of cricket fans.

The World Cup host associations have been invited to a conference in New Delhi by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, who is aware of the issues in Ahmedabad and the security authorities’ worries. The BCCI is anticipated to decide on a new date for the India-Pakistan match and consider the security concerns surrounding Ahmedabad during this meeting. The board’s top aim is to make sure that all participants, including players, spectators, and officials, are safe and comfortable.

“I believe it will be better for everyone involved if we get together once more to share notes and go through any issues that need to be discussed and resolved. As a result, you are hereby invited to participate in a meeting of the World Cup hosting associations, according to the letter that was delivered to all state associations.

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