Real Cricket 17 MOD APK – Updated November 2021

Real Cricket 17 is one of the best cricket games in PlayStore. Where players can choose a team among the 16 best teams in the world. The teams are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia. There are other teams also to participate in the World Cup matches and other matches. The gameplay is quite spontaneous, and the fact described in detail before each match. You can aim your bowls with the left joystick and set the power with the right button, depending upon your bowling style. The opponent might be able to hit the ball or clean bowled. The remaining teammates are automatic in the field.

Real Cricket 17 MOD APK Unlimited Tickets and Coins
In Android, we lack good cricket games. Right now, we are seeing some online games with VIP systems. There are only a few games on Android which considered the best games. Real Cricket 17 is one of the best games on the Android platform. It developed on a brand new engine, and it has a lot of features within the game. Even it is a 2D game. It has good content to play the game in a unique style.

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Tournaments, practice matches, quick matches played in offline mode. Once you start a match, the gameplay is solid. You can choose the control system standard tilt mode or swipe mode for batting and bowling. So, most of them prefer an on-screen swiping system because for good shots. There’s a button on the screen for you to play lofted shots.

Otherwise, all batting is controlled via swipes. There are a variety of bowlers with different styles of bowling. The actions are well-rendered for each type of bowler with their bowling style. The types of deliveries like off-cutter, drifter, and flipper, and the animations for each of these are quite realistic. You can also customize the fielding as per the bowling. A strategy that works well if you can execute properly. Taking wickets is not easy or cutting down the flow of runs is difficult if you don’t have proper fielding.

Real Cricket 17 APK Download
The AI field is average, and the bowlers are better while they are bowling. The game commentary is good with basic standards and generic statements like “You can expect a lot of slower balls.” The commentary predicts too early. What happens in the next play shot and its outcome. Real Cricket 17 is a free-to-play game, and Nautilus has added some subscriptions to in-app purchases. You need to pay an amount per month to get benefits like no ads, unlocking all tournaments, and the ability to play other matches. You need tickets to unlock more tournaments and progress through to the game’s final tournament. Real Cricket 17 is a decent game with good visuals, great gameplay, and features of all formats of cricket game.


All new multiplayer
Premier league auctions
Includes test match
Champions’ cup
Unique and novel real cricket challenge mode & daily challenges
All major T20 domestic tournaments
All new player profile
Fresh look and feel
Ultra fluid signature real cricket animations
Be striking with authentic cricket equipment
Cricket quiz
All new detailed leaderboards
All new hardcore difficulty

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