Stone Giant MOD APK- November 2021

Stone Giants had a gray to grayish-brown skin tone. The color of the hair is the spectrum of dark grays and bluish-grays. The color of eyes are silver or steel hue. They wear clothing that was similar to rocks. When it comes to height, they are about 18 feet. Although, fossilized mutants from the era of Ostoria capable of reaching up to 24 feet tall. Why now we are talking about Stone Giants? In this article, we are going to share information about the Stone Giant game for Android mobile.

Stone Giant MOD APK
You play the role of the protagonist- a mutant with transformation power into a big stone structure. You need to learn and discover special skills of your character and fight against the bad. Whether it is gangs or police force with modern weapons. It is an open-world game where you can destroy buildings, vehicles, road blocks, etc. Show all your madness in the game, and see how far it goes.

Besides, don’t forget to complete the tasks assigned to earn rewards, extras, experience to level up and improve your strength. Equip yourself with the weapons you like and solid armor to protect yourself. Show off your madness and power by downloading and experiencing the exciting game right away. There is no more fear when you are holding your most destructive power.

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