UNO Card Game: How to Play Online?

UNO game is easy to play. It is a fast-paced card game just, like Crazy 8s. It includes special cards that add extra fun while playing the game. Just like another game by the makers of UNO called Phase 10. The game can be played by younger kids and elders also. It is a good game to reinforce numbers and colors for kids.

How to Play UNO Card Game
The main objective of the game is the person who finishes the game with no cards on their hand. The fun of the game is yelling “UNO” when you have the last card in your hand.

112 cards as follows:
Nineteen Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow cards
Eight Skip, Reverse, and Draw 2 cards
Four Wild, Wild Draw, and Blank cards
The gameplay of UNO consists of each player taking turns consists of either a face-up card or one of the special cards. For example, if the card is red 1, you must play a red card or any color 1, or you may play any Wild card or a Wild Draw 4 card. If you don’t have anything that matches, you must pick a card from the DRAW pile.

However, the play moves to the next person. Before playing your next to the last card, and you need to say UNO. If you don’t say UNO, you will need to take four cards, and another player begins their turn.

Draw 2 Card: When you play this card, the next person must have two cards, and if he draws the same card, the other player needs to take four cards.

Reverse Card: This card reverses the direction of play. Play to the left now moves to the right and vice versa.

Skip Card: When the person drops this card, another player loses their turn and skipped.

Wild Card: When you play this card, you may change the color to continue the play. You may play a Wild card even if you have another playable card in hand.

Wild Draw 4 Card: This card allows to change the color and required the next person to pick 4 cards from the DRAW pile.

Blank Card: This is a special card that uses one of two ways. If a card from your UNO is lost or damaged. You can use Blank Card as a replacement.

UNO Card Game Online
You can also play via digital download on PC. It requires a 64-bit OS, and it is compatible with Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 10. You will need 4 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, and an internet connection to access the game features. You can play the game on Facebook via Messenger and play live with other players or friends. You will need an active Facebook account and an internet connection to play.

2 Player UNO Card Game
There are several websites online to play a multiplayer game. offers a wide range of options for playing. You can either register for free or play without registering as a guest. You can play with anywhere from five to nine opponents with options for 7 or 11 cards.

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